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Heal My Hair Podcast By Host Precious Rutlin, Trichologist

All the inside secrets to prevent hair loss through health and wellness before its too late.

May 15, 2021

Dr. Angie Ates came from Corporate Executive Leadership for multi-store regions that made over $40 million in annual revenues. she repurposed herself, after being diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases. Now as a Board Certified Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, Full Mesa Shaman, and founder and CEO of Academy EPIC, an integrated natural health educational platform created by Practitioners for Practitioners, she trains practitioners worldwide (including Precious Rutlin, Heal My Hair Podcast Host).


  • Its starts with diet, nutrition, lifestyle, managing stress.
  • Don’t wear the labels, dig underneath to find out what it is. 
  • Heal the unfinished business with males (daddy issues, partner/spouse) in your life.
  • What you think about you bring about.
  • You can come out of deep depression.



“You're digging deep into that grit, into that deep soul level of I want to live and then be quiet and listen. And what is the universe telling you that you need to live? What is it that I need to do?... Can I have the career that I dream of? So you're truly looking inside your soul and that mirror saying, what will it take you and you looking in the mirror? What does it take for me to have what I really want? And what I learned is I had to emotionally heal and it was a little exhausting at times. You wonder if you're going to get through it. But the grit inside of me said, I want to live.



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