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Heal My Hair Podcast By Host Precious Rutlin, Trichologist

All the inside secrets to prevent hair loss through health and wellness before its too late.

Mar 26, 2021

In this episode, Precious makes a guest appearance on the Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast with host Donata D. Mooring to show us how our overall body health goes hand in hand with our hair and scalp health. Tune in to learn how exactly your body and hair are linked with each other, and uncover some useful tips to achieve a healthy body, mind, and soul. Precious also tells us about different hair protection methods you can use while you sleep, and what a hair and scalp assessment procedure entail. 



  • What do healthy hair, better health, and happiness within look like?  
  • How Precious got into trichology.
  • What is a hair and scalp assessment?
  • Should you be taking hair vitamins?
  • How to improve your sleep and hair growth.
  • Ways to protect your hair while you sleep. 



“Our body is so intelligent and it gets our attention to show us that, hey, something's going on, we need to be looked at.”



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